Loud’s Forbidden Zkittles

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Wow Loud's Forbidden Zkittles ..I opened the bag and got a strong gassy smell coming from vivid green buds sprinkled with orange hairs and coated in a layer of crystals. The buds are dense and spongy to the touch . This batch is perfectly cured and was decently moist. The taste is gassy with a strong fruity overtone. The buzz is very relaxing but not to the point of locking you down. I actually got quite a bit done until my dog jumped up on the couch and seduced me into taking a nap which came easily but I woke refreshed not groggy like some heavier indicas I've had. My overall impression is that FZ is a excellent and well rounded indica leaning hybrid that tastes, smells and most importantly works well . The effects are a relaxing mind and body high that just leaves you feeling great. 8.5-9/10 I never had Zkittles before so I can't compare it but it did remind me somewhat of the Gelato high. Definitely would order this again.


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