Mind Flayer

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Wow this is an interesting strain . As premiums go the bag appeal was not very impressive. The buds were very small almost looking as if they were harvested too soon. I smoked a 70/30 and really got zero buzz so about a half hour later I smoked a sample joint of Lidi Dodi and got pretty high and stayed that way for a while . I have always been a huge LD fan but this sample joint was phenomenal. I was buzzing around and looked at the jar of mind flayer thinking how disappointed I was . So much so I dropped @medboy a note ( hope I didn’t come across as an ass)
Anyway the next day I had another 70/30 MF joint left and smoked it as a wake and bake . I was pretty busy so I really didn’t think to much about how high I didn’t feel until about 50 minutes later when I realized I was baked . This strain is a real creeper . I actually thought I wasn’t high until I was really high . It’s a very cerebral high and is great for zoning out and watching a movie or just chilling. When I looked at the buds closer they were very small but very colorful. The flavor is a bit of bubble gum and cat piss ( in a good way ) pretty smooth smoke and the small buds seem to get bigger when you grind them . If you like spacey but focused highs that slip into a nap and don’t mind some munchies you will like this strain a lot. So let me eat crow for complaining but this strain grows on you both short and long term . Not sure the true Indica lovers will like it as much but if you like balanced or sativa leaning hybrids this will work. I also got CSG and Animal Pie will review soon ….


  • received a half and found 3 almost 4 dime size buds, 10.5 grams of pea size or smaller. This is definitely not premium @LoudnCo , smalls, shake and or trim for premium price is bs. I haven't ordered from loud for 9 months because of their bs and thought maybe they did turn things around.... Nope.

  • @Fallguy that's crazy...

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    @Fallguy My bag sounds identical to yours and I was pissed at first. Medboy didn't seem very concerned about my complaint so I figured WTF nothing I can do but make the best of it. Bottom line is I do enjoy the smoke and it does do what I expected. I have been buying Premiums from Loud pretty regularly over the past 12 months and this is the first time I have been disappointed and the CSG Lodi Dodi and Animal Pie I got with this order were all excellent. The CSG was small too but very potent. It all winds up in my grinder anyway LOL

  • I almost ordered MF when it hit the menu. Solfire Gardens is the breeder so I was curious to hear feedback. (Sidenote- I’m anxious to see if Happy Hour ever returns..Loud had that a few times it was 🔥). Appreciate the input @Fallguy I'm glad at least smokewise it’s ok.
    The Gellatti and Blueberry Scone I ordered last month was nice size buds. Maybe they should be advertised as smalls like Merlin. I got the Bacio Gelato smalls and I’ve never seen tiny pretty buds like this. Like miniature 🌲 😎

  • @superman38NC just received my Bacio Gelato smalls in the mail- I 100% agree- they are so pretty 🤩

  • Awesome! @C4rrie20 i waited to long to order more. Been keeping an eye on the menu to see if Merlin restocks. Worth every penny!

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