Could the shippers give us a free Boveda pack instead free joint or edible
I would find that more useful to me than
a smashed up joint filled with schwag or an edibie that does nothing .


  • We haven't carried those before but this is good to think about, thanks! FYI you also have the option to request a gram of flower.

  • I didn't know we can ask for a freebie flower......That's awesome.

  • That's good to know I didn't know we could ask for that either or I would've asked. Awesome thanks

  • If they’d mark the content that would be appreciated. I keep getting gummies but it doesn’t say if it’s cbd or thc/cbd. I have several that just say “gum drop” or “gummie”.

  • Can you pick a gram of any flower? Or is it random?

  • Sample flowers would help convince me to spend more $$ in the future.
    I've stuck with ordering 1/4oz at a time (which is more expensive in the long run) only because it's been kind of a gamble for me as far quality. Sometimes the description and photo aren't exactly what I've gotten. Never has any product been "bad" but, for example the Sour Kush was mid grade schwag, it was decent smoke, but not worth $100+5+Bitcoin fee.
    I'd rather buy a full Oz. Or a QP, but only if I've tried it first.
    Buying 4 quarters at $110=$440+$5x(4)[shipping]=$460+$3x(4 Bitcoin fees)=$ the end of the day, that's an expensive-ass ounce.

  • Finally some good news !
    You know my apartment is so small the mice have round shoulders .

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