Tropicana Banana and Gelato 41

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Failed attempt at posting pics


  • Tropicana Banana

  • The TP buds are medium sized and dense with a bit of give to them . The smell out of the bag was straight gas but after mellowing in the jar you can pick up a citrusy pineapple smell . The buds are dark green , coated in crystals and orange hairs..
    The taste is similar to the smell with a citrus/bitter but pleasant aftertaste.
    I just finished a small joint . The initial buzz goes straight to the head and gave me a burst of creativity and energy. The buzz level is is good . As I continue writing I can feel he buzz growing and I’m getting higher as it settles in . I’m guessing the next few hours will be fun .

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    Gelato 41. Haven’t tried it yet but it looks phenomenal

  • Gelato premium?

  • @Fallguy yes Merlin 🧙‍♂️

  • Both look great. I got a split of Chocolate Cheesecake and Trop Nana coming hopefully by the end of next week. Excited to try both. I almost went with some of that Gelato 41 but decided to save a bit of loot on a two zip indoor split. Thanks for the pics and review!

  • That’s some nice looking Gelato @Trippy! You’ll have to let us know if it’s as good as it looks. Bacio is one of my favorite strains!😎🧐

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    @TheProfessor this is text book Gelato 41 the taste and smell are fantastic an earthy, gassy , sweetness. The high hits quick and is more sativa leaning at first . I felt mentally stimulated and very chatty . After a while the high seems to drift downward and you get a full body wave of relaxation. Going to watch LOTR and chill with the cat high . I’m going to post more pics . The first ones really don’t show how purple these buds are .Love this strain and this particular batch is A++ . Thanks @MerlinsMagic BTW the Trop banana is an excellent wake and bake strain . It was exactly what I wanted/needed.

  • @posternugbag can you please review choc cheese cake and trop nana. Highly disappointed in my last order of wedding cake- extremely seedy- and mendo breath - very small buds and some seeds- and hesitant to reorder again. Was trying to wait for louds indoors but im running out of time.

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    I really like the Trop Banana . The buds weren't huge and the bag appeal wasn't overwhelming but the taste , smell and buzz were all top notch and there weren't any seeds . I ordered and within minutes it was off the menu so I likely got the bottom but no shake just small to medium size very dense buds. The premium Gelato 41 is outstanding

  • @Liltap for sure. I ordered on Friday but haven’t seen a label yet. I’m hoping it’s here by this coming Friday and I’ll review that day or the following.

  • I have pretty much always been happy with my orders from Merlin. From time to time I feel like I’ve gotten some much smaller buds but that typically doesn’t bother me too much as long as it cured properly, smells and tastes good and the buzz is there. I generally stick with indoors but get the occasional outdoor or premium.

    Last indoor that really knocked my socks off was Cookie Glue. The Runtz and Platinum Mac premiums were incredible. I know folks raved about the Cherry Pie and Chem Dog outdoor and I thought they were just okay. I used some to make butter- outdoors just hit too harsh for me usually. I’ve also had the Mac and Cheez, Bacio Gelato, and Purple Agave recently and thought those were good but not really stand outs.

  • Wow that Gelato 41 looks absolutely incredible!!😍 Definitely going to be the next grab!

  • @Liltap i got my choc cheese cake and trop nana today. I just had a small sample of each. The trop nana first and it has a great skunky sweet gassy smell and taste. Like @Trippy mentioned the bag appeal was whatever but it must have been the bottom of the batch since it was mostly smaller buds. The buzz was mildly sativa but nothing that will make you stay up and night. Creeps in slightly slow but is a pretty happy one.

    The choc cheesecake is definitely a nice indica leaning smoke with a nutty earthy taste and does smell like chocolate. It hit a tad harsh but I have not had much of a sample size to really judge either properly but I’d pick the trop nana as the better all day smoke and will probably roll some cones with the choc for more of a night capper. Happy with both out of the box

  • Any seeds in the chocolate?

  • @Liltap We made a mistake with the listing of wedding cake.. it was meant to be discounted. Please make note with your next order and we will hook you up.

  • @posternugbag Unfortunately Friday is a tricky day to order, because we won't start working on it until Monday if it's past the deadline.

  • Yeah I tried to start doing either Thurs or Monday since over the weekend doesn't help much but doesn't always work out that way

  • I usually order on Sunday, and 9x outta 10 I'll have @MerlinsMagic by Wed or Thurs; @LoudnCo on Thurs-Sat.
    I'm in the deep south of Louisiana for reference.
    I hope this this helps in decision making. 😘💚

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