Recent disappointing package!

Hi, Medboy,
I just received my goods. I am usually impressed with quality and packaging. You guys are wonderful, however, this time
I am very disappointed. I ordered a split OZ of Gorilla Glue4 and Jack Hammer. I am very familiar with GG4, which was very fluffy and light, wispy loose buds that are barely buds. Leafy bunches, hardly buds. Not good weed. I am so surprised. No mention of inferior bud structure, no mention of the off flavor. Just the usual drivel about it being a low yielding-fussy plant. Boy...I'll say. I don't recognize it. The Jack Hammer is obviously from the same grower. It is also leafy and wispy, not dank! The genetics are way off. THe two strains side by side look like the same weed. The nose is non-existant. What happened? I am not mad, its fine, you guys have been terrific. I suggest you not use this grower. This weed is unsmokable. Well, I won't smoke it. I have orders pending, but none of it is the GG4. Just lose this grower or whatever the situation is, I don't want to see weed like this again, without a warning! Just warn me that the buds are less than average. I would have picked something else. I hate leafy loose flavorless pot. Want to see a photo?


  • Make you wonder, review here yesterday said the jackhammer was nice his only complaint was it was dry.

  • I said the Jack Hammer was like "night and day" compared to the Sour Kush and Holy Grail I recieved on my last 2 orders. With the Holy Grail and Sour Kush being highly disappointing due to the excessive shake and tiny, stringy buds, yes, the quality of the Jack Hammer is much better than what I've been getting. I wouldn't call the JH top notch. It's totally not worth the $120.
    I was just happy to see actual buds in my bag, compared to the shake filled bottom-of-the-barrel herb I've been smoking (at Premium price) all month long.
    I'm in a take it or leave it situation. As far as my mental health is concerned, I'm gonna have to take what I can get.

  • I suggest you don't stop there. Why don't you write me through the site's contact form to make a formal complaint about the quality. I will pass it on to Med Mama, who is motivated to do something for you to make it right.

  • Yeah absolutely write via the contact form if you have major quality issues so we can pin down the exact problem. We really try to keep quality up!

  • I will send a replacement, please write a formal complaint and we will take care of you.

  • That's very kind of you MedMama. Your offering to compensate for past,
    less-than-ideal product will be happily and gratefully accepted. I will make contact formally with the Medboy.

  • edited December 2019

    End of Nov and Early Dec, my ( last 2) orders were not like usual, 1/2 of 2 oz medmama's premium mimosa was shakes :( . I've been shopping with MM for over 4 or 5 years of great products.

  • Ur kidding thought that problem had been dealt with Not good

  • Wow shake for 360/ oz. They must be making a lot of money

  • PutroNogo, I think I recognize your name but if you haven't contacted me through the contact form yet, please do so.

  • will do MB. I just got back from a long trip

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