Terrible Jack Hammer and GG4

In the 3 years I have been here, all the bud I have received up till now was great, top quality, nice moist dense nugs almost always.
Sometimes a disclaimer will warn of dryness or small thin buds. However...today’s GG4 and Jack Hammer are unusable and actually insulting. I cannot-believe this was passed off as top shelf. I wish you could smell this, it has no real odor or taste. I understand things happen, but this is unbelievable. After all the good work they have done..this makes no sense. This package should have never been sent out. I am really unhappy about this and I spend a pretty hefty amount yearly, on weed. This is awful at any price.I don’t really care about a discount, I want quality first and foremost. If the quality is not there, you should communicate that because we can’t look at it first.
You must give a bud structure for each strain. Med mama is pretty good about it. I don’t mind the Leafly commentary if you will report the actual bud structure of the real product. What else can we go on?


  • This is truly a shame, at this point after the complaints you would think this would not be happening anymore. I'm sure MM and MB Will make this right as they always do but it really is disappointing. these shippers know exactly what they are shipping out they know when they are putting it in the bag whether it's top Quality or not ,I mean after all it is their job right? but yet customers are still receiving product like this. sorry you had a bad experience I've been there and it sucks. 😕

  • You're right, Med Mama's quality has dropped over the past month compared to where she had been all year. MM and I have been working with her to address this and here's what we've done so far:

    First, Med Mama has higher quality bud on the way. Some of this new bud has already been posted. Second, Med Mama has been rewriting her product descriptions to more accurately reflect their quality.

    We know there's no way for MM customers to inspect their medicine before ordering so being a loyal customer of ours requires continued trust. We're taking these steps and more to try to earn your trust back.

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