Hoping the Merlin crew is OK

Saw some news videos of what’s going on in California with the massive storm. Hoping the Merlin crew is safe and dry 🙏


  • Me too! God bless them!

  • Hey our business location is okay, thankfully and we have sandbags ready just in case.

    A few of our team have been without power or ability to travel because of mudslides or downed trees.

    However we are rocking it still with everyone pitching in to help longer hours as needed and rock these orders.

    Hope you all enjoy the new mushies, which we were thankfully able to get out of an evacuation zone to a safe place.

  • It is easy to forget just what y'all have been going through when the local news reports are only about 30 seconds long, and not very frequent.

    On the bright side, the drought problem went away, at least for now. Stay safe!

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