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I tried ordering but didn't receive my request for payment e-mail. I paid through the order page and when I went to the blockchain page nothing loaded @medboy anything I can do to check my order? Thanks (wondering whether I forgot to put my e-mail on the order?


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  • @medboy I just received my "request for payment" email but the wallet address is different from the page that popped up when I hit submit order. I sent the payment to the first address but haven't gotten a confirmation but coinbase is showing that the funds are no longer in my account. How can I verify that my payment has been received. Thanks

  • Always contact medboy through email, don't post here.

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    @antifuzz I did. I figured I'd post first to see if anyone else was having a problem before I crowded up his inbox.

  • @Trippy Always email me first, as this is something that I can easily take a look at. If your email is a Yahoo email, that's the reason. I think I did respond to your email.

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