Chocolope review...

I should have posted this sooner but WOW. The Chocolope is/was great. A little dry but who cares when it’s this potent? Not me! Strong sativa effects. While coughing after my first hit, I suddenly realized how buzzed I was. Very, very potent sativa. Sweet tasting and long lasting, apparent Thai weed lineage, hypnotic buzz, not hazy, not too zippy either. Nice well rounded high, imho...More please!


  • I received the chocolope as well and you're right it's awesome! Mine was fairly dry too, buI put a couple boveda packs in the jar and that livened things up. Nice review!

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    What is chocolope? Flower? It's not on the site now, and I don't recall seeing it in the recent past... It sounds great and would love to try it.

  • It was a greenhouse flower we had that is now all sold out, alas!

  • I swear I have to check the order page every hour or it seems like I miss out on the super special stuff. sigh...first world problem, I know...

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