Change the discussion .

Lets talk about Embalmed milk,a real
phenomenon from the 18th century .
Now I got your attention I thought this forum was about cannabis and all things pertaining to cannabis .
Its almost become the defacto contact page which is private .
So could we please use the contact page for problems with orders and not our forum .
So about that embalmed milk it seems in the days before refrigeration unscrupulous dairys and grocers would add embalming fluid to spoiled milk to kill the bacteria and get rid of the foul smell.
So has anyone actually smoked weed
soaked in embalming fluid ?


  • No but when I was a residential advisor in the Job Corps program, someone sold a joint laced with formaldehyde and it nearly killed the other kid.

  • Yeah and I didn't know and it nearly killed me. Kept blacking out for probably 8 hours afterwards.

  • I accidentally smoked pcp once.

    Got naked and thought I could fly.

    I couldn't.

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