Informed Delivery

This useless piece of crap should be consigned to the dustbin of failed apps.
I found an app that actually works in real time .
As soon as this app posted the location of my precious 1/2 oz that dang ol Informed Delivery decided it wanted to copy the info from Parcel Tracker available at the Playstore.
This is easy to use,I used to use it but haven't had problems with deliveries
lately ,until this week,I had the label created 2/3 but it just sat in Seattle all week .
Parcel Tracker showed all movements of the package .So now I know it will be delivered 2/10.Don't use Informed delivery !!!


  • It has gotten pretty awful, I agree. When I first used MM, I was unaware of ID. After a while, it became helpful. Primarily, just to know the package is in the system. It can work well, but it has been a waste of time lately. Just last week, no notice of “label created”, no updates and after Tuesday, I hoped and assumed the package was on its way. Friday...package arrives with the mail. I try to put it out of my mind. Not easy.

  • My viewpoint: Mostly it works fine. Sometimes it doesn't.

  • ID has shown nothing on our last two orders. One took 4 days, the other 5, so no complaints, except I'd like to know when it's coming. I'll run home just to put that package in the house!

  • I’m also signed up for informed delivery. Never once has it said I had an incoming package. Pretty much useless in my case.

  • I’ve never had an issue with informed delivery. Works every time, just my experience though.

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