Strawberry Diesel review

This was from LoudnCo & was indoor. I received all small buds. Probably because I only ordered an 1/8 & not to mention, this was up for only 2-3 hours before it sold out. No complaints from me though.
These small buds are dense & packed full of goodness once you crack it open. The aroma is kind of a mystery. Its one of those strains that you'll get nose fatigue with. When I'm in the presence of it, I can't really smell it. But if I go into another room & come back, it reeks.
As for the high, I'm really enjoying this stuff. For me, this is a bit of a creeper. Starts slow & then hits my eyes, wraps my head & slowly moves to the body. I feel happy/cheerful when puffing on this. Definitely recommend if this pops back up on the menu!


  • Thanks for review and photo. On a 1-10, what's your rate

  • Looks exactly like my premium galactic jack exactly

  • @MizterNiceGuy No problem! I would rate this 9/10. For me, this a perfect strain for anytime of the day.

  • Idk about this one. I’ll give it a 5. Maybe my hopes were too high. I didn’t smell anything extraordinary or fruity. It seems like we have to smoke a lot to get high and it makes us cough worse than usual. Sometimes if it sits awhile I feel differently when I come back to it. Could just be I need more sativa than this has. For now I’m back on the Dirty Girl lol

  • I split the Strawberry with GDP those nugs look really good and have the look of a sativa. Plus this wasnt a premium strain it was indoor so i wasnt expecting anything crazy tbh lol all indoor weed is good. I would rate the GH Fruity Pebbels a 5/10 because you got high off them it just looked and smelled terrible. Idk i should get mine later today aslong as USPS doesnt lose it while putting it in my mailbox🥴

  • I would split the difference . Wouldn't call it a 5, but for me the 9 signifies a rare, superb, extraordinary flower (10 being perfection and theoretically impossible) .. I use 8.5 as a baseline, "average" good flower . Nothing wrong, maybe a point or two against it, etc.

    I would probably give this an 8.5 or 8.65. I didn't mind it but it WAS harsh on the throat, didn't have that intangible kind of "something something". But I really liked the effects! (I was high when I smoked it both times tho).

    Anyway 😜

    I think my expectations were high as well, so I was a little pet down, but this is good to have around. I'm not disappointed with this strain but it is not an automatic re-buy either

  • I like the strain a lot it has that unique smell they were talking about especially if you grind it. My highs are mildy intense in the face. I would say smell-wise its like the description, but its just your normal really good indoor Loud n Co product.

  • Hey @BMan, glad you're enjoying it! Me too! Great strain for gaming.
    The aroma on this strain is crazy...I vape for discreet reasons & yesterday after I vaped a bowl, the smell was all over me. Kept getting whiffs of the Strawberry Diesel when I went to the store.

  • Ok,I'm gonna give this strain another chance. I haven't smoked all day except a bowl before work and a couple hits off the Silver Haze vape at lunch. And I'm planning to game tonight. So I think due to both of your comments @ChunksEggo8187 @BMan I'm going to properly indulge and ONLY smoke the strawberry. It's also been gellin' in the jar this whole time, too-. More on that later (just know in your hearts that I am an idiot)

    Anyway thanks for inspiring me to revisit this LOL I hadn't really decided yet what to smoke & this was the first thread that popped up when I opened the site on my phone🤣

  • @v32Finish I would say my only complaint is my tolerance to this particular batch. For me, this is wake & bake stuff.

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