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Just got greenhouse gelato
And purple punch . As far as bag appeal the PP was definitely nicer with nice round nugs . The G was a bit stemmy with more wood then I would like . But the stems were skinny so I don’t think it effected the weight much ... ok enough of the BS both strains smell and taste very nice and both do the job as advertised. Personally I love Gelato and the effects of this one didn’t disappoint.Very relaxing and a good accompaniment to whatever you’re doing without couch lock . I feel it in both the head and the body and it just makes everything better Love this strain and this batch . The PP taste real nice , smooth and is very subtle at first , with a little head rush , but plan for some down time because when the punch finally hits you’ll either be eating , sleeping or if your real good both . Anyway with all the grief MM has been getting I gotta say both these selections rock . All BS aside it’s about the buzz . Thanks


  • Nice review and you solved a riddle for me, my free sample said PP I didn't have a clue what it was . I looked on the site and didn't see anything from loud at this time with PP now I know it's purple punch. Thank you.

  • Ha! too! But I saw some of you missed out on the space queen! Sorry for that cause dat shits da fire!!!! One of my favorites I’ve ordered so far! The blueberry is good also but not on space queens level! Thanks med man and loud n co for the nice strains and quick service!!

  • Good review, Gelato will prob be my next choice!!

  • Man jlpettis I'm super bummed now :-) I'm still a little bent I didn't get the Space Queen..I ordered as soon as the code was released..when did you order yours? Guess I'll have to not wait for the sale next time..sounds amazing! Also thx for the Gelato review whatever1956..I'm starting to really like Gelato..have some of the Lemon Gelato's real nice

  • This was my first “greenhouse “ order and I was very happy with the smell taste and buzz .

  • I'm jealous I didn't order the space queen!

  • I got Blue Diesel, Blueberry, Purple Orange Diesel and a bunch of gummies from Loud and MM. I’m pretty sure I ordered gum drops but received the gummies in the tins. Was a little worried as reviews said they were weak but not the case. I bit the head off one of the 25mg gummy bear and buzzed around like a bumblebee for 6 straight hours. More physical work than I’ve been able to do for years!

    Here’s my reviews.

    Blue Diesel - works as they say, light fog for a bit then numb body for rest of day. Really love it as a daytime strain. No munchies and clear head after an hour or so.

    Blueberry - This strain messed me up with just a pinch of flower in my Mighty vape. Stayed high till I went to bed so couple hours of some brain fog and really relaxes your muscles. Went right to sleep. Perfect nighttime strain. This is strong like they say!

    Freebie Purple Punch joint - I broke it apart and put a little in my vape to try at night. Love the taste and the feeling you get initially. Stupid giggly high as I sat and laughed at my coffee machine for like 5 mins. Definitely get the munchies. I call this Purple Timer because in 2 hours the punch comes and knocks you out!!!! Try staying awake on this. If it comes up again I’m definitely buying some flower.

    MM gummies - like I said above, small bite and I was off to the races. Don’t remember most of the work I did but it got done. I Recommend these, maybe they are a new batch.

  • Thanks for that review on the freebie purple punch, I think I'm going to try tonight now a couple hours before bed. Have a good night.

  • Looking forward to seeing what you think. Enjoy some music too because PP gives you supersonic hearing too. I heard things in my house and in some music I listened too I never heard before.

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