Apple fritter pissed me off

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Man i cant describe how fucking mad i was to finally get my apple fritter terp sauce and it smells and taste like sulfur grant it the potency was great real good but sulfur inside the sauce means it was made the wrong way for sure... it taste so bad and i spent alot to try it... im happy about this site since i found it ive ordered lots and been active.... buttttt more and more issues are occuring not just me but others stuff is being messed up or something wrong with there order as well.... for the people who say find another site ect thats ignorant i love it here but lately things feel out of place takes 4 ever to hear back about anything... we make orders and pay right away... shippers should be held accountable as well bc its us who have to wait up to 2 weeks and even longer if something goes wrong we all deserve equal orders and its getting tiring of all these mess ups and then we get pushed to the side fuck that if u take are money then the least u could do is follow up with us..... AGAIN I LOVE THIS SITE JUST NOT THE LIL CRAP THATS GOING ON LATELY IS ALL... ITS NOT ALWAYS USPS FAULT


  • They provide great service but just bc its supply and demand doesnt mean we should be treated like annoying ppl when they mess up are money is worth alot so act like it and get some of these products made properly... bc sulfur is nasty... your gelato wax was like concrete... i mean give us proper descriptions

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    That's truly disappointing!
    I'm sorry this happened, bro

  • @MigraineWarrior79 thanks this shit gets so tiring to have that shit happen i hate complaining but come on

  • @MoonMan5
    It's cool, man
    I would too if it were me

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    I lost a little of mine from leaking out because of the temperature when I first opened it.Not enough to complain about :) I recovered what I could and put it inside the freezer for about 10 mins. That did the the trick. I actually thought it was pretty good. Better not anything important to do afterwards.

  • @MoonMan5 Sorry to hear about that. I am writing to the shipper to have them check it out further. We're also working on ways to improve customer service...doing our best!

  • @medman i mean its all good i cant do anything about it and i apologize for being that upset but if u have ever had sulfur in ur wax ect u know how bad it is then your a great person and this site is great but it just feels we have to accept things and move on when its are hard earned money ive never complained on my order but i had to this time

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    @MoonMan5 As far as I’m concerned if it’s your hard earned money you spent, you’re allowed to complain And at least get made right. They are doing a great service here but they are also making money, lots of money and too many people on this board think we’re supposed to just hand over our money and keep our traps shut no matter what we receive or how long it takes. Well last time I checked we are the customer. And I’ll probably get blasted for saying this, but I too have noticed a dip in the quality of some of the products. Mines mainly herb related,however. I am in no way trying to disparage anyone, I appreciate everything the site has done for me, but we should be able to tell the truth about our experience without being told “to go somewhere else” or “find another site”. You know who you are.

    I’m very thankful for the site but I’m just being honest.

  • @Theboyua thanks man its tough and i dont know any other sites but this one that's why it sucks even more

  • @MoonMan5 from what I have seen, you spend a ton of money on this site. It’s your money and your the customer. You say what you have to. I hope medman does something to rectify it for you. Keep doing your reviews as it helps me so I know what to stay away from or what’s good, etc. anybody says anything tell them to kick rocks, again, it’s your money!

  • @MoonMan5 dunno brother, i think this AF is crazy ass good. i don't taste any sulfur at all and a couple dabs made this sun up to sun down toker totally twisted.

    what i can say about the smell and taste of this and the Dark Star i got is they totally reek from the terps (the DS smells like a stick of juicy fruit gum. maybe you're just not used to that strong terp flavor other extracts lack? comments about the AF in other posts have been positive too.

    fwiw, not debating your opinion. just providing a counterpoint.

  • @funkynugz i saw other posts about it and saw how good it was... but i used a clean rig and alland instant sulfur burn smell and taste hit me and im always honest in my teviews and everything ive never complained either but this batch or whatever hit me the wrong way is all

  • @Rubygirl816 yes i spend alot and love the group as u kno i rarely complain ect but this time really got to me but they didnt rectify it bc no one else complained which is ok thats there choice just upset is all thanks for the kind words

  • @MoonMan5 i appreciate your reviews as well.
    I don't want to get hated on bc I agree w @Theboyua that while some ppl feel like they need to keep their mouths shut, (and I mean depending on what the issue is, sometimes it's better to email them to reach a resolve before blasting them on here) But we are the customers. I had a few experiences where my shatter was legit smashed. And once I was shorted .7g on a 2g order. But they made it right! I've learned to send a few extra bucks when I can and ask if possible to please not smash. My thing lately has been that I wonder if the strains are the actual strains bc I notice exact descriptions on leafly. Sometimes the taste is great but different than expected. Effect wise too, I got citrus sap a few days ago for my boyfriend. And it's suppose to be a couch locker. It didn't do that and the potency was suuuuuuuuuper low. Oh well. I love this site though and you ppl are awesome. I'll always be a customer and I can tell that they want to grow as a company.

  • Thanks @breezy123 for the support

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