discount Gelato 41 and Mendo breath

Any one tried these yet? Placed order today once I get it I’ll put my review up as well


  • I don't remember who, but someone on here said the Mendo trim didn't look the best, but it got them high, & was satisfied.

  • Yeah search trim cause there was even a pic

  • Just pulled trigger on a half of the gelato41. Hope its good. Currently have ghost og and waiting for duct tape now.

  • And its gone, the gelato41 that is. Did not put a sub because they all indica dom. We shall see what comes. But if it is subbed that will be 3 heavy indicas in my jars. So hoping not subbed but we shall see.

  • The G41 is pretty good I was impressed, real fluffy and breaks up great in a grinder. A good everyday smoke, and definitely was not smalls I got some really nice size nugs in my 1/2oz. I’m surprised it wasn’t just sold as indoor guess because it’s real dark in color idk

  • Gelato 41 discount mama review.
    Small dark green with red orange peeking about. Small machine trimmed? Nugs. Light dank smell. Smells like pinesol and dankness. When the nugs are ground. They grind just fine. Smoke is smooth and classic. Dank pine 🌲 and 🍋. The effects are sativa with a bit of indica. This strain goes straight to the head. Smoking too much will make you a bit dizzy feeling. Big head high with body high coming in later. Maybe a 70 30 sativa. No stems or branches. All small nugs. 100 percent med no waste. Potent and tasty. Discount because smalls but i dont care. More bang for the buck. Great strain rated as discount 9 of 10 rayed in indoor 7 of 10. Would buy again in an instant.

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    @SpongePail - Thanks for the review. I think I will try some next time around.

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    I got some discount G41, and I am as impressed as you guys with the quality for how it was listed and the price. This is fantastic, because my perspective is that medmama asked us what we wanted, numerous users talked about tough times/penny pinching and how they would like more discount options... Seems like we got some very quickly, based on that feedback. How cool is that? Ask and you shall receive! Very pretty buds, with nice fall colors and little orange/red hairs and a few light purpleish stylings. The trim is fine and exceeded my expectations, for sure. Great stuff!

    Like the OP my order was also D G41 + Mendo Trim... On the Mendo, it's pretty good for the price. For me, it's mostly going to be used as a filler with some better buds and it does that well. I did try it by itself, and it definitely does the job by itself, but the effects are a bit more tame and wear a bit quicker. Great for hitting a couple times every 15-30ish as you do your thing, rather than a sit, chill, and smoke. It won't mess up your golf swing! :)

    One side is the Mendo processed (stems removed/lightly ground and the other is the G41)

  • @Mnpd Thank you for the pics & review! Stuff looks nice!

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