Anyone else buy on the rise instead of the dip?

Am I the only one that gets my order form ready, then watch and buy when the bitcoin rises instead of dips?

Also, with my last order I paid and all, then the next day saw that I had the normal payment reminder that matched my order and then a bit later another that requested a higher amount. I had received my payment confirmation in between, so, I’m not worried but just never had that happen before? Anyone else?


  • Yeah recieved duplicate payment request few times after already recieved payment confirmation

  • Yes, but it happened by accident to my benefit. I mistakenly set my Coinbase to automatic deposits and ended up depositing around $400 that appreciated to $970. I have been buying all my weed on my gains since. All by luck mind you, Bitcoin is much less stable than the stock market.

  • I pay no attention to the price of bitcoins. I guess I just choose to put my focus elsewhere. It's a good idea, though. I suspect over the course of a year you could save hundreds...

  • I didn't originally but then I had about 30 leftover that turned into 70 so I definitely rode that for a while lol

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