Golden Teacher Mushrooms

I will be comparing these with the Taj Mahals, God willing...


  • Interested in these Golden Teachers. I still have a zip of Taj Mahal I'm saving. I await the experiment @georgetirebiter

  • Sooooooo temping. I would pull trigger now if they would show up for the weekend lmao

  • Better store em in the fridge- shrooms start to go bad in 45 days I think

  • From what I’ve read, if they are dried and vacuumed sealed, u can just put them anywhere that’s dark. I wanna split a half o of the 2 but don’t know if they will let me

  • From what I remember reading, truffles aren't nearly as potent as traditional shrooms, but still contain enough active ingredient to feel happy and high.

  • Truffles are fresh and weigh 10x what these dried shrooms weigh. They can be mild or very potent, just like dried mushrooms. There are many different strains of magic truffles, varying widely in potency.

    Buying magic truffles from Holland is really bad right now. People complaining about shipping from this site would really hate what's going on with international shipping...

  • Takes 3 weeks usually

  • Takes 3 weeks...or never @MikeyC. One sadistic customs fuck stuffed a love letter inside my package (having removed the original contents). Seizure rate has been 20% for me, from Holland.

    I'm cool getting my psilocybin from @medman.

  • Agreed @georgetirebiter i just had my first seizure from Holland a few weeks ago.. “no phyto sanitary note” lmao had me puckered for a few days

  • I tried to split half O. He told me they may or may not. I ordered the Taj again because I know they’re good. I hope they split em so I can try the GT

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