Smoking out of Juul?

Anybody know if I put the distillate from the syringe into an empty Juul pod if thats safe to smoke?


  • I’ve read you’re not supposed to mix thc carts with nic carts on batteries and I’ve also ready that you’re not supposed to mix them together like you’re saying... never tried it so I wouldn’t say it doesn’t work, but I’ve read people tell others not to...

  • It will probably leak a lot, you’re better off getting a wax vaporizer

  • A buddy of mine used to mix distillate with vegetable glycerin and other e-juice materials (flavoring, etc) to make thc juul liquid. I think he found the recipe online. I never tried it but it’s possible to do. I’m not a vaper so I don’t know too much to be more helpful. Tbh you’d probably get more out of using a vaporizer that’s designed for concentrates though (just my opinion)

  • Yeah, sounds like its more trouble than its worth. Will just use a 510 vape.

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