White penis x albicans shrooms

Has anyone received any of these from mama? They were up about 2 weeks ago.. i am down south and have contacted MB but have not heard anything back. Was wondering if anyone ever received?


  • I have white penis

  • 🤣 literally or figuratively?

  • I received some a little over a week ago, but haven’t had a chance to try them yet. They look pretty insane though. Never seen any shrooms like em before.

  • Damnit bois. Thats awesoem to hear, but im pretty bummed cus i still havent gotten mine :(

  • @Fastguy199 hopefully they'll come in soon! I missed out on those ones. I've been waiting for some others to come on but just reupped on some golden teachers.

    I've been wanting to try some blue meanie shrooms but I haven't seen them on the site at all. I'm hopeful though!

  • Heard from mb today! He says i should be receiving another pack soon.. sucks because it probably wont be these exotic beauties. But stoked they are taking care of me!

  • Been using the site for a year and a half, and i must say; this is my first order in at least 3 months, but this is the first time ive ever had a single issue. And they were ontop of it first thing today. I must say, the customer service/qc side of things is epic!

  • I agree 100%. Their customer service is top notch!

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