Wax on a plane

Any good advice on the possibility of getting like a gram of wax through in my bag or ? Has anyone ever brought a small amount with them if so give me ideas please


  • @MoonMan5 It's not worth the risk.

    However, if you tape a tiny baggy inside your facemask you can probably squeek by.

    Pretty sure they're not going to check your mask.

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    Well hard to believe i got one answer that shows how dead this place has become without the older members lol headed to my other spot to ask yall stay blessed i wish this forum helped more instead of other crap but meh oh well it yse to be a place of advice now i feel like if i dont put a usps title i get no replies lmao

  • @MoonMan5 I’ve never tried it, nor would I. I agree with @greatspirit that it’s not worth the risk until federal law changes.

  • @MoonMan5 i wouldnt try, you should look into grbbing some of the silver bag things, forgot the name, but you get one with every MM order. MYLAR! Yes, thats it! Grab you some mylar, vacuum seal it, and ship it to yourself through usps

  • If you are traveling somewhere in the US, you could always try to have medman deliver it to where you will be staying. I went to Hawaii a couple years ago and had stuff delivered to the hotel and then called the hotel before I got there to let them know I should have a package arriving and to hold it at the front desk for me.

  • moon man5 I go back and forth to Denver all year and so far vape carts in my luggage have never caused an issue.

  • @MoonMan5 - If it were me, I might try disguising the wax. There is a lip balm that is sold in a small, lidded jar. If you were to replace that balm with the wax then throw it in your checked baggage, I don't think you'd have any problems with it.

    That is, unless a dog was trained to sniff such things. On that note, I don't know.

    A friend I know has taken flights carrying cannabis on him though. He put a couple rolled joints in his cigarette pack and walked on the plane with them after going through the "empty everything in your pockets into the bowl" check point.

    disclaimer I am no expert on the subject, but I did stay at an overpriced hotel once; so according to that commercial, it's OK for me to give such advice. :wink:

  • Thanks yall

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