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I bought some magic mushroom for a friend, Penis Envy. I got an 1/8th, and I was surprised at how much I got as far as volume goes. I didn't consider that they were weighed after drying.

I have never, ever even seen a magic mushroom until now.

I read up on shrooms and P.E. in particular; all the descriptions of the effects people experienced included words like"inner self" and "vision quests" and "visuals" and so forth. I had decided that I wasn't going to try any since those descriptions didn't appeal to what I am looking for. But while I was transferring the shrooms from its packaging to a storage container, a little nickle sized mushroom cap with a small piece of stem attached to it fell out.. I kept that, my friend got the rest.

So last evening, I decided to try it out. I knew that the small dose would not have me seeing visuals or anything like that, but it was my first time so I thought I might be able to detect any effects since they would be different than what I normally get/look for.

I fired up a joint of Chem OG untrimmed and popped the mushroom tidbits into my mouth and began chewing. I liked the taste of the mushroom. Very good flavor.

I started watching YouTube. I like watching things like motorcycle ride reviews, comedy clips, and 'here's why this plane crashed' type videos, technical stuff, those kinds of videos.

After about 20 minutes, I felt sleepy, and then that passed. I was watching my videos, and a very nice feeling of well being kind of swept over me, and I was enjoying the buzz... and I realized I was watching 'bunnies eating lettuce' videos.

Big, fluffy bunnies eating lettuce, and I had to laugh. First, I didn't know this was a thing (over a million views on one video), and second why was I watching a bunny eating lettuce???

LOL, I am going to order some more of this and see if I can find a micro dose that might work for me. I am not sure how much I did eat, but I would hazard a guess and say it was about 1/2 a gram. I'm pretty sure it was not more than that. I felt the effect of it, even though is didn't last very long. It zoned me out for probably a couple of minutes.

Me, staring at a bunny that was chewing on a lettuce leaf. That's funny to me. :smiley:


  • agree. go for it!!

    I'm going to, eventually. i've held off bc my significant other.. for now. looking forward to it, honestly.

  • I ordered more, found some good info on dosing, and we’ll see.

  • @justaguy care to share the dosing info you found? I haven't found too much out there on proper dosing.


  • Yes share the good info please. @justaguy mine will be here later today

  • @Kayla i got my girl to try some taj mahal and golden teachers (her first and second time ever) i gave her 1gram her first time and she barelt felt anything “like a few beers”..1.5 grams (taj) and she had an awesome time... she is 5’4 and weighs about 130lbs has a high tolerance to thc

  • Nice I'm around 135 so I think il try 1.5 G'S I have a low thc tolerance though. Il let you guys know later tonight. It's just about time for them...

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    @Jdtokes , @Kayla - My computer decided to take a dump so I lost my bookmarks, but I found a site that had a weight/dose calculator on it. I am a big old fat guy (300#) and it told me that a nice, low dose for me is 1.8 grams. I searched “what dose for magic mushrooms” and got a video and that’s where I found the link.

    It’ll be a week before I can get back online. Doing this on a phone sucks for me.

  • @justaguy damn that sucks. I look forward to your next review when you get your computer up and running.

  • @Jdtokes - I'm back! Here is the calculator I am using.

    I haven't done much more than chew on a small piece of mushroom every couple of evenings. I don't have a scale to know how much I am eating but it isn't very much. Mainly, it is enough to make me want to go to bed. The dosage I am at right now hits me like I am smoking some strong indica. Which works for me as a bedtime sleep aid.

    I have seen comments elsewhere that suggest I make a tea, or soak some in some lemon juice, or whatever. I don't know if I am all that into the effort. I might add some to a pizza or something. :smiley:

  • @justaguy Please don't confuse that lemon extraction piece with simple tea-making. It's exactly like it sounds: grind up the shroom(s) and steep in hot water. Sieve. It's simpler than making coffee. (I use teabag tea to muffle the shroomy taste.)

  • @georgetirebiter - Thanks! I will give that a try sometime in the near future.

  • @justaguy

    Thanks so much for posting the link! According to it, for a low dose for me is 1.4 grams. So, I think I'm going to start with 1 gram when I get some.

  • @justaguy Thanks for the link!

  • I split a 1/8th in 3 doses taken every 2 days .il tell you I feel the happiness in everything I do latley.i have been out for 4 days and I still feel a sense of calm serin happiness I haven't felt in going to order more any other strains recommended from anyone ? So I can microdose more if this feeling starts depleting...

  • @justaguy If you're in the mood for a brothy, non chunky soup, using herb grinder that's clean and pulverize your mushrooms and put them in soup & steep for a few minutes. I don't have any idea how well this would work to speed up the process but if you place a plate over top of the bowl it'll trap the heat in there which theoretically might help speed the process up.

    On a completely unrelated note, I found out something pretty interesting about this forum.
    I must have tried to reply to this thread at an earlier date and forgot what I was doing because I came back to it and my original response was still in the box.

  • My latest experience with PE last night was not what I was expecting.

    I haven't made any tea yet. Last night I wasn't feeling all that great, so I popped a little bit larger piece than I normally take into my mouth and after about 15 or so minutes I felt the effects starting to kick in and went to bed.

    I was up and down all night. My mind was running like it was a 1000 channel cable subscription and it was determined to channel surf every single one. Old memories, blended memories, and just plain outright creativity kept me... not awake but not asleep either.

    To make things even more interesting, I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. I haven't felt a moving deck like that since I was in the Navy. :smiley:

    I still have plenty left, and will make some proper dosed tea soon. This has been a very interesting experience for me so far.

  • lol thats awesome @justaguy :joy:

  • Hey @medmama get some more taj Mahal. Teachers and penis envy shrooms please!!

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    I pulled the trigger, made some tea, and... I am disappointed. Only in that I did not see sound or hear color, but I did get results.

    OK, I am pretty sure I messed it up somehow. How simple can it be to chop up some dried mushroom, steep in hot water, strain, then drink? I'll tell you: too simple for the likes of me. I admit I cannot let something so simple go by without making it more complicated, and the web certainly makes it much easier to mess things up.

    I read advice on how to consume PE. One of the ways suggested was to soak the chopped up mushroom in lemon juice for an unspecified length of time in order for the acids in the juice to break down the ... blah blah blah... in short, this was supposed to increase the potency of the PE thereby making a little go a long way.

    I have periodically snacked on my supply until all I had left were a few stems, a cap or two, and one very nice example of a fully dried and complete fungus plant. It was picture perfect and I had been saving it for last. I don't know the weights of all of what was left, I would hazard a guess of 1 gram.

    So I soaked the shrooms for about 2 hours. The advice said I should add water and drink the whole thing down in one gulp. But my brain was saying "brew some regular tea and add this as lemon flavor to it" so I did that. I added my lemon extract to some hot tea, added a little bit of sugar, and drank it all down.

    I turned on the idiot box and called up the movie "Master and Commander", kicked back, and started watching.

    The first results started in soon after that. I got very drowsy, but I fought it off. Then, as the movie progressed, I noticed I was slightly more emotional towards the movie in that during the action scenes, I felt more energized, during the tragic parts I felt the sadness more, the humor was funnier... just an overall more, I dunno, increased awareness and empathy towards the characters in the movie.

    Other than that... nothing. Except I am able to post this long review of Penis Envy.

    I may do this again in the future, but for now, I will stick to flower... and vapes. :wink:

  • Eat em whole next time ;)

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