Runtz Cake and LA Kush Cake

Can't wait to try em. Wonder if they will come before the last loud order too!


  • I'm eyeing that runtz cake myself

  • They arrived already but are in boveda. They were all super sticky and stuck to each other. Give me 2 days to report back.

  • Looking forward to a review @MikeyC, ordered some Runtz Cake myself.

  • @atlgator thanks for the pic's @MikeyC let us know what you think

  • @atlgator Appreciate it! Looks great!

  • Trying Runtz Cake now after 2 full days boveda 62. Smells weird but good. Nothing like that trop. Cookies or mimosa. Tastes yummy being vaped so that's good. Smooth vape, tasty exhale. Effects in 20.

  • Relaxing, stress relieving but not overwhelming (I can work on it). Am about to do some exercise so am not couch locked but feel Mellow good and jelly like. Good times. Thoughts are normal and productive /motivated/no real disruption. Just got redirected to do work. Still happy but not giggly or euphoric. No effect positive or negative on energy.

  • @MikeyC Appreciate your thoughts!

  • edited June 2021

    They subbed me on an old order with some. Jungle punch and more runtz cake- today I will do LA Kush cake. I also have strawberry Lemonade too, to add a review by Friday.

  • LA Kush Cake has a flavor I can't describe. Less like cake and more like bud but a sweet exhale taste. Smelled better than the runtz cake. I taste the mint and feel the menthol feel I like vaping it. Producing a long time. I like the flavor and I'm not coughing at all so smooth. The vanilla taste came out at a higher temperature.

    Stoned creeper starting in the face and meeting in the lungs. Lots of body high and my vision is on delay a bit. Must be high

  • If mint gives you heartburn then avoid this strain

  • So after having Runtz Cake for a couple days, just wanted to give a few thoughts.
    For me, this batch is excellent. Perfectly cured & my half oz was stuck together. Great aroma & taste.

    Indoor Runtz Cake

    The high is awesome. Great 50/50 hybrid. Potent. Thankful I was able to grab some. Appreciate it @LoudnCo!

  • @Trippy No doubt! I think you're gonna love it. Please let us know what you think 🙂

  • Runtz cake is very euphoric today.

  • @ChunksEggo8187 great view I can almost smell 'em from here. Thanks for posting your prize and smoke a bowl for me.

  • @MNTDWLER No problem buddy! This bowls for you!

  • Im tryng out the runtz cake this order and loving the stickyness of the godzilla glue.

  • That Runtz Cake was great. I have already plowed through mine.

  • It makes a fantastic edible and the jungle punch keeps appreciating

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