Durban Poison from CC

This shit is awesome. The creativity coming out of me is glorious. A bit dry but I’ll fix that up quick. This is a fantastic sativa. I wish I’d ordered more than a half oz.


  • edited September 2021

    Update...this stuff is amazing!! Dry or not, I got ripped and motivated to do stuff!! Way to go Cannabis Club! Still love Loud long time though!!🙃

  • I love Loud too. I’m glad I tried CC tho. I’ve placed another order. Now my expectations are high for the other strain I’m trying in addition to the DP lol

  • I concur the DP a good choice for sativa heads. Strong, clear-headed and energetic high. Fast shipping from CC is also a plus

  • A few days in the Boveda did the trick! And yes, the shipping was great!!

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