Any way you think we might be able to get seeds for bud and mushrooms? building my home to be completely self sufficient and have plans to turn my shed into a hydroponic room.


  • Sometimes you find seeds in the bud

  • yeah but thats not really reliable, especially if its really good bud. i cant remember the last time i found a seed in any of my bud. been at least a year since i found one

  • @timbo in the meantime there are some great seed companies that always deliver in the US. Some give more free seeds and a discount for using Bitcoin. Seedsman and Attitude Seeds have been my goto’s over the yrs.

  • Attitude i have been happy with . Nvr A problem . Haven't ordered this yr last yr took around 2 weeks to rec'd.. 100 percent germ With Barney's farm . Alot of different seed companys

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    HerbiesHeadShop , all major seed companies. Ships pretty much any country. Sure you get some that don't germinate, but their customer service is top notch and your next order they would replace it. Mind you seeds are sold as "Souvenirs".

    @timbo I find seeds in all quality of bud here, from outdoor to premium. Not every batch has a seed, but most I can find seed(s).

  • if your looking for seeds try he always has great stuff check him out

    he is in the USA so seeds get to you pretty fast to

  • @Deadites666 Thank you for the US website Deadites666. Great website for seeds and reasonable prices. I have been looking for a good website for while. I know sites like Seedsman have a huge supply but I am uncomfortable about overseas shipping. Their shipping and prices are high. You have to buy 3 or more, of each strain.

    You solved my problem. I wanted to be able to buy one seed of several different strains, and I wanted to do it here is the US. Thank you.

  • P.S. I like the idea of MedMan selling seeds. The only problem that I can see is that selling a product and its seeds, could cut into MMs profits.

  • It’s nice to have US options..appreciate the info @Deadites666. I actually ordered some Sour Zkittlez seeds today. Medmama had that a while back and it was the tastiest cross of Sour D..loved the effects too.

  • @Gen , be very careful when it comes to genetics, there is soooo much fake and "white label" shit out there. Do yourself a favor and check out r/MephHeads and r/nightowlseeds .

  • When I started smoking pot I never thought finding seeds would be a problem lmao. 😂🤣 This is one of the recommended sites ![](Pure Indica – New420Guy Seeds, I used to stick strictly with speedman but with
    changing shipping laws he no longer delivers to me . Good luck and great grows💚💨☘

  • @Fallguy hit me up on my wall about nightowl- I wanna know what their drops are like.

  • Look up Rocbud genetics. They are in Maine.
    I've used ministry of cannabis years ago. I think they are in Spain, or maybe Netherlands. has lots of seed vendors and really the best place for growing info. Huge group of actual breeders there for all kinds of support and answers.

  • r/rockbudinc

  • @Fallguy
    Idk about that. The guy I ordered from was Rocbud with no K. I don't really do /r

  • @phantom_shitter I believe you're correct.

  • Oregon Elite Seeds is very easy to use also. Great selection, easy to order and pay, and very fast delivery. The days of ordering seeds from EU are gone. :smiley:

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