Comments on Bear Creek OG

I recently tried it based on the description given. I'm a little disappointed. The nugs felt a little dry and since it was, once again, _Dremel Tooled _instead of trimmed, I could not see any of the fine hairs and multi-colored sections.
I suspect that the person describing it had access to a real flower before it was skinned alive. That indeed may be the very reason why his/or her experience was so much better.
I have had better experiences with the discounted material than with this. At $110/quarter? Not impressed.
Anyone else feel the same?
And isn't anyone else bothered by the shitty way nugs are trimmed these days?? It's like taking a rose and cutting the petals off.


  • Wow that sucks I just placed an order for an ounce of this based on the description and reviews. Very disappointed to hear this.

  • Yeah, I received 1/2 an oz. a few weeks ago. Was a bit on the dry side but I did enjoy the high. Thought it was better than some and not quite as good as other premiums. Not at all disappointed. Would purchase again but would like to see it priced as another indoor strain, maybe not premium value.

  • Thanks For the review but still a little disappointing I was under the impression this is like some of the best medicine man has ever received.

  • Huh that's weird, because at first the reviews were nothing but positive for this strain. The best we ever had, etc.

  • Maybe you can ask the shipper if the quality of this has gone down since it’s initial posting? I was really looking forward to getting something of that quality. Thanks

  • You won't be disappointed...

  • Did you buy some and how was your order? Thanks

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    Well I guess I don’t have to worry about the Bear Creek, received my order today which I ordered a week ago and even though the Bear creek is still available on the website and has been all week The shipper I guess Decided for whatever reason?to send me something else. instead I received banjo for which I did not order or want. Funny how I got subbed out for a product that still available and has been available. This is my second order in a row from the same supplier that I have had an issue with There’s no reason to be subbed out like this and like other people are saying. Its called knowing how much of a product you have if you don’t have it you take it off the website. You don’t keep it up there for a week it should have been taken off the website as soon as my order had to be subbed out but yet I can go there now and still order it , what are you gonna send me ? you gonna send me bear Creek? I mean if you couldn’t send it to me now and you had to sub me out then obviously its not available and should not be on the website. There has to be a better way? Was really really looking forward to the bear I’m sure the banjo will be OK just wasn’t what I wanted.

  • Did want to say, I tried the Banjo and have to say it’s very nice and I personally love the high. Again not what I ordered but Definitely acceptable.

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