Will Durban Poison return…soon?

Down to my last half…I guess the day is coming when I’ll be out. Insert sad face here.

Any chance it’s coming back?


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    Durban Poison... the ultimate sativa!

    @MerlinsMagic @LoudnCo @HappyTrees

  • I'm in for more DP...down to my last 1/2 and its hard to keep shooing my friends away

  • Hope comes back soon been out for a minute! Love the true sativa!

  • The old school strains are getting harder to get DP and sour deasel, Etc I just moved to a legel state . Everything as gone to hybrid, the sativa doms are still there . Found a despecery that always as my favorite starins. Picked up some of the best sour D I have ever had yesterday 3 hits keep me going hard for 5 hrs thc content was 22 percent butt hit like it was 30 are more percent. The old school strains are there and can be got . The price tag is higher plus tax. Give 100 for 7 grams of exotic . Dont like paying taxes on my weed I rather order from this site butt no true sativas if so they are few and fair between. Last I got from this site was the lemon thi and yes it was the real deal are sim to be .

  • Hard to find, sorry. Will keep an ear out

  • Thanks for looking!

  • Thanks for keeping it on your radar

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