Wow that was a trip

My business partner turned me on to this site. We usually ordered together to get the bulk discount. I was going through an old thread about bitcoin and I saw several posts from "deleted" user . By the comments I'm 99% sure that they are from my old partner. He was suffering from leukemia and was always in pain and he loved that he could get his meds so easily here . As was his way especially in recent years I'm sure he did something to get himself banned. He passed on 12/27 3 months ago and this was the first time I saw his posts. We were life long friends , best man at each others wedding and godfathers to each other's first borns. Needless to say when I saw his posts it hit me like a ton of bricks. @medboy @medman I'm not sure what he did (posted) but I can only imagine knowing him so well. Please understand the pain he was in made him mean and nasty. Anyway sorry to waste everyone's time with this but I just want to say RIP to the "deleted user" and may the sun always shine upon your face and the wind be at your back.


  • Well said, brother. We can't know what others are going through on this faceless, tone-deaf medium. I am sure your friend was better off just knowing you and those memories. RIP, indeed. 👍🏼

  • RIP Deleted User

  • I'm sorry @Trippy for the loss of your close friend/business partner 🙁. I've experienced a lot of death these last few yrs including both my parents. It's been tough but having community including this forum really helps. 🙏🏻 for you and his family.

  • @Trippy

    RIP to your friend, and I'm very sorry for your loss. 💚

  • Nice eulogy for a good friend and partner..Sorry for your loss @Trippy

  • Thanks all ...

  • Condolences cancer sucks, nice job humanizing your partner btw well done

  • Condolences friend.

  • Thanks !

  • No idea who that would be, we don't ban forum members very often for sure. Sorry about your loss.

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