• Got to love Merlin’s!!!! Thanks so much def need to try mdma and sass for sure

  • I wanna hear some reviews

  • I've been thru the amethyst mdma, blotter and pyramids(multiple times each) and will try to do a better breakdown later. Side note, I'm 60 and healthy other than a cyst in my spinal cord, so your mileage will vary. All were as expected. But when my HIGH tolerance for mdma leads to heroic doses and then the days after, damn, I'm just to old. I'm definitely getting more blotter, pyramids and possibly the liquid, micro dosing might just work for the symptoms I do have, my legs haven't felt this good in 5yrs. And the dmt is on my list for this next order. You wont be disappointed!

  • @GottaLight which do you recommend for microdosing?

  • The LSD, by far for me as it helps a rare set of symptoms I have. However the shrooms help just no where near as much. I'm thinking a bottle of the liquid on next order. I have an unusually high tolerance so I'm trying to find the right spot. I believe I could dose every other day or 2/3 days for a week and then off for a week or 2. Would be nice if a 1/4 dose would work, that bottle would last way more than a year with a few macro rides thrown in.

    Have been micro dosing shrooms at night to sleep and for the first time in five years I'm sleeping pain free. And with the cid I'm walking better and more active(lol).

    Oh, I am working with my super cool doctor on this also, always make sure your dr knows if you plan on dosing regularly.

  • @GottaLight I was just wondering because I get leg pains and I saw you mentioned your legs feeling better lol so that sparked my curiosity

  • I have a neurological disorder within my spinal cord. Some of the many, varying symptoms include; pain (a pain from the inside out if that makes sense), loss of sensation, and loss of muscle bulk, stiffness and poor muscle control, muscle spasms. Mostly lower legs and feet, walking becomes slow and it's like I have to think to move my legs, which feel heavy like lead.

    A full tab woke my legs up somewhat, I know there's still a problem there, but it's like my feet feel a lot more normal, my gait is much better walking. And it kinda lingers a few days. My only possible problem is my tolerance level, one blotter is a micro dose for me.

    Going to start with my doc in a few weeks to see what might be a safe solution, it's great to have a cool doc!! Will update and sorry if TLDR, lulz.

  • You should look into peptides to heal if you have not already

  • Thanks and I will look into that too

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    No can do on the peptides, worsens skin problems. And muscle atrophy is one of the main effects. There is a rare syrinx in my thoracic spine, the area that controls sympathatic nervous symptom.

    Not much I can do but ride it out and stay high, lol.

  • Be careful with too much mdma… I wouldn’t recommend more than .15g for a heavier weight and .1 for regular people.

    .3g is heroic and very hard on the system, not recommended.

    You can take 5HTP available from the health food store as the trip is coming down to help support your neurotransmitters, but honestly it’s better to not take it that often… I only do 4 times a year or so and make it count!

    The AHMA love drops however, already has superfoods to support the neurotransmitters and I’ve found I can take that one regularly!

    As with all psychedelics, the cleaner you eat the less nausea and better your trip. Often people who are serious psychonaughts will fast beforehand as well.

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  • What are the love.drops like? Good for shows, nights out with friends, meditation, ceremonies?

  • Love drops can be good for shows at lighter amounts, and can keep you up some, but definitely not as lit as Molly. It’s more of a smooth and mellow, melty snuggly experience… awesome for sex, heartfelt conversations and at higher amounts ceremonial

  • I'm intrigued now, Love Drops will be up for next order.

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