Reviews MERLIN'S Marshmellow Runtz smalls

First of all I am a heavy smoker but I stopped about 3 months ago got some from a friend of mind while it was good it still wasn't what I been looking for I love a very sweet but heavy smoke you know like you hold it in a bit and it just DEMANDS to be blown out lol that kind with a sweet exhale not harsh though just smooth heavy and sweet the kind you CANT smoke a whole joint cuz that's why I quit aslo just smoking 5 to ten blunts of mid a day just to stay high its been about 2 hours no joke and I still feel like battle rapping shout out to merlin straight fire smalls Big Ups!!!!!!


  • FWIW>>> "Some consumers claim that the longer they hold in their smoke, the more they feel the cannabis. However, you will not get higher the longer you hold in smoke because more than 90% of the THC is absorbed instantly as you inhale. The feeling of getting higher from holding in smoke has nothing to do with the cannabis itself; what is actually happening is the deprivation of oxygen to your brain.:

  • 4sho thanks for the tip I think I saw that on a documentary or something too something like anything after 4 or 5 seconds is useless because that's all it takes to absorb in your lungs but I don't wanna just blow it right out I usually go for 3 or 4 seconds but for me in that time if the smoke kick the door in I know it's fire 🔥

  • Yes! Happy you like the selection! I’ve been doing my best to curate better and better

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