Santa Maria Coconut Oil review

I ordered the wedding cake with sunflower lectin . I received 2 tins labeled hybrid mix (not even an option on the description but that’s ok). First thing I noticed was one of the tins had a decent amount less than the other. I followed the directions on the description for the strongest results using a half tin for 12 cookies. End result was very disappointing. Definitely won’t be ordering again. At least I have some PM left to smoke in the meantime


  • Do edibles usually work for you? I'm pretty sure for myself I don't have the right enzyme for them to work.

  • Ya I prefer edibles to anything. 30-40mgs every night is the perfect dose for me to sleep great and be nice and toasted. I make coconut oil all the time and was hoping this would be a nice shortcut as making it is a process.

  • That stinks I also prefer effects of edibles usually but haven't tried the coconut oil. Now I've tried my buddies canna butter and his edibles and just put me to sleep and I've tried the Santa Maria tincture and it was really good so basically all that said to say not sure what to tell ya lol sorry I tried

  • It’s all good @Vapedad78 im not mad about it, I’ll just stick with making my own. It’s always a gamble buying anything, sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t lol

  • Update: after weighing out the coconut oil instead of just using just half the container. Which ends up being equivalent to about 2/3 of a tin, the cookies were much closer to 30mg each. I definitely don’t believe that it’s 750mg per tin but at least I got some decent edibles out it.

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