Good day all, this review is for Merlins REAL DIAMONDS specifically the gorilla glue strain. I scooped up 2 grams of these to try. First off I love the gorilla glue strain for its very specific terpine profile and awesome hitting high. The Diamonds come in a nice little resealable container with lid as shown in the description pics. The diamond pieces are crystal clear and large pieces about finger nail size. The smell upon opening is nothing short of amazing, the gorilla glue strain has come through absolute perfect with the terps and that specific pungent hit are more than present. I love diamonds because of all the ways you can use them. I normally dab with them however my second choice is to throw a chunk in the grinder with my buds and you end up with a nice diamond infused ground nug. Perfect for rolling, packing in bowls etc. Back to the specific diamonds, these are probably among the best I have had in regards to maintaining the terp profiles and bringing the memories of the strains they were concentrated from. If you have had diamonds from dispensaries or other sources I would say you may not be able to compare the two. I have gotten so called diamonds from other places and they contain a ton of wax and not sure how they call them diamonds now that I have had these as they are more like a repackaged slightly dryer crumble. These however are true salt like chunks of pure concentrate. The taste is very crisp with tons of lemon and diesel that the GG strain is famous for with the strong exhale head rush. If you have been on the fence on trying these, don't wait, pick your favorite strain and go for it. They are full of flavor and extremely potent, will add a ton of punch for a tiny addition to your next bowl, dab, or joint.


  • Now I'm hungry. That was an excellent review. Thank you for posting.

  • Thought pure thca diamonds had most if not all terms separated out for sauce , not a concetrate expert so was just curious? I love gg but that was why I usually looked another route for terps like got some live resin on way cause thought us supposed to be full spectrum

  • @Vapedad78 agree and all others I have had have basically been tasteless. I was surpised how well these retained that classic lemon desiel you expect from gorilla glue. These have an oily base to them with lots of retained flavor.
    Yes for a guaranteed full flavor profile retention, live rosin or crumble versions will still contain more of the terpines and natural oils which yields the highest flavor profiles.

  • @Hideurself gotcha and appreciate the info definitely interesting actually got some live resin on way or supposed to be but got me considering snagging some this if still on menu to give a shot

  • @Vapedad78 we're about to post pure THCa diamonds which are tasteless. The real deal diamonds have terpsauce and smell FYRE

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