@Loud Apples & Bananas

Ordered on Sunday and it arrived today. In the first state, that's Delaware by the way. Thank you. Haven't tried it yet but looking forward to it later on.


  • It’s good.

  • Had some last night and it's wonderful. May get more later.

  • niice mine came fast too, to bad the concentrate was missing and only the orange sunshine came. I knew ordering more than 1 thing was going to be too much for loud, they always have me waiting months and weeks

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    @gangalion My only acid experience was orange sunshine on spring break a long time ago.
    And long before that the original Orange Sunshine was apparently made in the late 60’s by two men who wanted to change the world. Interesting story.

  • Placed an order for this and Merlin's PM. I want to try the permanent marker from loud but I didn't want to order the same strain from two vendors at the same time. I need variety lol

    I really want to try that Narnia from Happy as well

  • They're different enough think you'd been OK but don't blame you for sure

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