I just got my MDA SASS and MDMA Amethyst and I'm super excited to try em'!! My question is what's the recommended dosage of any?


  • Crushing is important for consistently absorbing into the body.

    Mda 45-100mg
    Mdma 80-120mg experienced users will go above this for initial doses then take a second dose about 1.5-2 hours into to maintain the high.
    Keep in mind you have to have a pretty decent scale to weight 100mg. This is .1 of a gram but you need a scale that measures mg or you will run the risk of getting way above 100mg or even being able to measure the lesser doses of mda.
    If you plan to mix the two called candy flipping, the preffered dosage is usually around 35mg of mda and 80mg of mdma for a nice even roll.
    Stay hydrated and cool, are the two most important things to remember. Also get a rave doctor or alike supplement off amazon and for best results to lessen any hangover take the vitamins 3 days prior to the event. Then after your event but wait at least 8 hours from being off anything before taking any vitamins or supplements to ensure you don't encourage serotonin syndrome. Best is to sleep then upon waking eat then you can take the vitamins for a good night's rest that night to come. Doing this ensures my hangover or day after is next to nothing.
    Get some massage oils have your sig other ready to have some mind blowing sex and enjoy!

  • Hideurself thank you so much! You're a Godsend and a wonderful wealth of knowledge. I appreciate you greatly!!!! ❣️

  • Also here is the scale I have. I ordered off Amazon specifically asking for a mg scale though it doesn't specifically have a setting for mg.

  • @BleuWolf
    Mg capable scales will have 3 zeros or places after the decimal point. They are usually expensive or a lot more than your everyday .1 g graduation scales used for weighing weed etc. because of their sensitivity. The one I use is for labs and was around $450 has side shields and cover as even a draft effects the weighing of powders this light.

    You can do it with one of these less expensive .1g graduation scales, you just need to do it so you have a baseline...
    Best way is for example: if you got a half gram take the whole (.5) half gram and grind it up very good. Weight it, should be close to .5g this is your baseline. Now leave the .5 g in the small dish or weigh boat and have an empty beside it. Leave the dish with the powder on the scale and remove small amounts and place into empty dish until the scale reads .4 now you have approximately 100mg in your other dish and 400mg in the dish on the scale. You can repeat this 4 more times with other empty dishes so now you would have 5 doses close to 100mg each as you would get without the more expensive equipment.
    You can now check yourself and tare an empty container and weigh each dose measured out, this will catch any major overages if you get to the last dish and have less than expected you will need to work the entire batch once more to consolidate them a little more to get each one to read .1 or flicker to it. I would not expect to get 5 full .1 doses without a decent scale as you will be losing a tiny bit due to transferring it, crushing it etc. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Perfect. I will, thank you! You're amazing. NAMASTE

  • Candy flipping used to be lsd and ecstacy.

  • Amazon and temu both sell jewelry scales that go to 3 places for 15.29 or so.

  • Please use a scale with 3 places

    Mda 45-100mg = 0.045g-0.100g
    Mdma 80-120mg = 0.80g - 0.120g

  • Thanks, I ordered one from Amazon with 3 places it a few days ago. I appreciate you all!

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