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Hey Medfam, another write up on a great indica heavy strain that I love to keep in my arsenal.

**THE Appearance: **
The bag I would say is literally split 50/50 larger finger length nugs and smaller popcorn nugs. Very round ball shaped pieces on all aspects tightly dense. Nice layer of white Trichomes inside and out.

**The Smell: **
I find this strain always has a very mellow smell, not very pungent or nose heavy. Carries a slight sweet note after the earthy bud scent but not much more than that. Just a smooth, light layer in the midst of weed.

**The Taste: **
Upon first inhale I get a very smooth woody note with a hint of pine then upon a slight hint of sweet that is overtaken by the very satisfying cheese/cake exhale. I find this strain has always been like it's smell and has a very good Mellow flavor you can partake in all night.

**The High: **
Being an indica heavy strain this one rocks. The flavor may be subtle, the smell may seem underwhelming but these little popcorns will absolutely knock your socks off. Do not expect to go to work after having a good session with this strain. It lacks absolutely nothing when it comes to giving a high that other so called Top shelf buds would dream to give. If you have trouble shutting your mind off, this is a perfect resolve. I can have a horrible meeting, pack a bowl of ice cream cake and it all seems to melt away as the bowl goes down. Been one of my favorite since I first tried and has not let down yet. If you have not tried IceCream Cake yet, put it on your list to try.

**The Cure: **
These came very nicely cured. Dry on the outside, yielded a fair amount of kief when ground but not so dry it turns to powder.
Wouldn't change a thing about the cure for this strain.
Here are some pics in some different lighting. As you can see these are very nice little buds with gorgeous light green hues covered in trichomes.


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