Permanent marker

Order two oz of permanent marker.. I’ve heard it’s a top notch strain and am stoked to try it… 2023 flower of the year come on!!! I cannot wait and it’s actually a decent price! I usually pay 150 a oz back home but like to choose what I’m getting and not dealing with anyone’s bs!!! Thanks guys!


  • Permanent marker

  • Yeah the pm from loud is slightly different from merlin but still great medicine I snagged some and jealousy

  • Is it any good for the price I’m expecting it to knock some socks off WA got some really good gas tho I use
    To live up there

  • I should be getting my Loud split of PM/Jealousy today. New PM batch looks 🔥. Hopefully they are not extremely dry like the GG4/Chemdawg/ Banana Bellini I ordered prior.

  • Ordered from Loud the 25th, label made 27th. Nice right? However, no movement, just sitting. The waiting game is painful.

  • @Jaybird922 my recent Loud orders have all gone that way. Looks like nothing is moving on 4or 5th day all the updates appear and it arrives next day.

  • Requested on the 24th fingers crossed should see tomorrow and happy Easter btw to everyone

  • I got more and unfortunately the guy upped the price so I had to move it to premium. It’s always been a premium product but i passed along the savings when I could .

  • @superman38NC how was the Jealousy from loud

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