Indoor Smalls - Double Dream Sale!

Snagged a half of this, kind of worried because some sativa's make me anxious. But damn was this a nice relief from stress, but no anxiety!
Smell: little hint of darkness, pretty solid for smalls
Look: tons of lil tiny buds, beautifully glazed in trichomes
Taste: smooth, subtle fruit not sure what exactly but I'm sure the larger buds will produce more smell and taste
Potency: for sure very high quality meds. A tiny j did me in.
Damn smooth smoke, potent as hell and fine deal at that price.
Thanks for offering high quality meds at great prices. Ordered Friday or Thursday and we here Monday, today! Props to you guys for all around quality


  • Thanks for the review @CJM

    Glad to see the confirmation that it’s great medicine.

    edited April 12

    I honestly cannot remember getting anything but great medicine from you! You always have great deals and consistency, Thank you!

  • Wow, that feels so good to hear. Always do our best <3

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