Fruit Bombs

If you like them, check out Loud's menu.


  • The Fruity Pebbles and Juicy Fruit both sound interesting..I keep telling myself I cannot place another order for a while lol..but...

  • I don't tend to favor kushes, but a Blackberry Kush? That sounds great! Also: Space Queen. And the two you mentioned. Tough choices...

  • @superman38NC I've told myself NO MORE for a long while..then 3 of my favorites hits Loud's menu. Blackberry is my next treat, if it's available in the next week or so.

  • I’m dying to put an order in. But I got a put myself on a break. Got 3 last week, Just received one, got another two coming. And just bought an eighth off my neighbor of GSC. Some fire GSC. So the wife has put me in timeout. But I’d love some Juicy fruit. And FPebbles. And bb Kush. Maybe 1 gram sampler? Please...

  • There's no timing this market!

  • Ordered a 4g sampler..Blackberry K, Juicy Fruit, Space Queen, and MK..all very intriguing..I’m liking these samplers..thx MM!

  • Well I’m slightly bummed with this home from being away very anxious to dive into some Space Queen (ordered this sampler as soon as these strains hit)..and to my chagrin not a single one of these included? What’s up Loud? Maybe my order got swapped with someone else’s?

  • U didnt get any master kush @superman38NC I ordered an oz im really gone be pissed if i got subbed anything else besides grapefruit kush

  • I sent MB a message. I’m sure it was a mix up..this was just a sampler so I understand to be upset in your circumstance of ordering an oz..Juicy Fruit is still on the menu now..I’m just hate I missed out on space queen yet again..

  • Damn bro hate to hear that

  • Thx @Shamisha55..I’m sure there have been lots of orders.

  • It didn't last long, that Space Queen.

  • @superman38NC I had the exact same problem. No resolution because I didn't write "no substitions*. Even though the items in the sampler didn't have sub written on top.

    Seems like I wasn't the only one having issues. I'm glad that in your case, you don't have anyone complaining and blasting you about posting that here.

  • So orders from Loud are finally starting to arrive? I ordered mine 2 weeks ago and no shipping label or any info so far.

  • @georgetirebiter for real..Space Queen goes quick. I’m going to Colorado soon so that’s what I’ll be looking for (among many other things ) 😎

    @Jdtokes i thought I remembered reading somewhere someone having a similar issue..maybe ours got swapped 🤷🏼..I received Grape Ape, Lodi, Grapefruit Kush, and Cotton Candy Kush..not complaining but I was really looking forward to the SQ and Blackberry biggie

  • @superman38NC We received the exact same items. They'll still smoke though

  • @realshmoke420 I'm still waiting with you 😭

  • @Jdtokes..the only one I’m not to keen on is the Lodi..smells great.smokes tasty..just very mild effects..leaves me tired for a sativa..more a lazy day smoke..feels like it has some haze tucked in the genetics.

    Now the Grape Ape is a definite winner! One of the best indicas I’ve had in a while..In ❤️with the aroma..yummy grape just like the name..

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