East Coast Shipping This Week

Just a bit of info,
I placed a med mama order and it was confirmed at 10:47 the 27th
The label was created the 28th and usps accepted it the 30th it was delivered today with no tracking to the mid_Atlantic coast.
So hang in there guys the meds are coming!!!


  • Bro same but my package was in a nearby usps facility and still no package kinda weird tho cause I should of got it today

  • Says estimated delivery date Saturday but it 100% should of came today guess it will be Tom which makes no sense

  • I'm on the East Coast and Med Mama has been extremely quick for me. It seems it's the Loud N Co orders that have been coming late for everyone. Im waiting on one now 😩

  • I’ve had pretty good tracking in mid Atlantic region, but no matter what - it always shows up.

  • Mine was out for delivery 3 days ago and got forwarded the day it was out for delivery. Kinda sketch.

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    Friday to Thursday deep south medmama

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    My recent packages have taken a lot longer “in transit”..received everything just several days later than what we were used too..ordered from MedMama 3 days ago and still says pre-shipment..I suspect it’s everything Medman mentioned on the order form..

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