The Blue Dream Trim

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Wanted to see if anyone else has tried the Blue Dream Trim from Loud? I've missed several opportunities to try Blue Dream from past menus but always went with something different. But, I ordered an Oz. of the trim Saturday and am just waiting on my order now. Does the trim have any small bud in it or what exactly is trim? I know it's just the trimiming from off the bud itself but can I count on having a little bud mixed in with it it's perfectly fine if not just for my clarity is why I am asking.


  • It's the same as "shake" as sold in dispensaries, from what I've read on this forum. Leaf. Some very small buds mixed in. Good smoke.

    I've ordered shake from Ohio dispensaries. Here I'd argue the shake is the only good thing they sell. Nice to be able to roll a joint like an old man, in 23 seconds, without grinder...

  • @georgetirebiter Good to hear. I read online smoking a lot of trim could be harsh on the lungs more than shake or nugs so I was just curious how much actual bud would be in an Oz. I guess we'll see when it gets here. If it looks anything like the pic then I see plenty loose little bud with hairs all in it. Thank you for your comment.

  • I made canna butter with the blue dream trim, and rolled joints - good stuff!!

  • I got a 1/2 to use to fill my dugout with. Looks good, smells good, smokes good, and the high is good. The taste isn't bad either.

    I saw a stem or 2 but small, there are little nugs but it's mostly just trim. There's enough moisture in it so it sticks together a little bit but not bad as well as not making the smoke too harsh. Like @georgetirebiter said, it's great for joints.

    I also thought about using it in my dry herb vape also, which should work out great.

  • @Jdtokes Yea I appreciate the feedback man. I was just going to roll joints and smoke bowls of it. It sounds as good as it looks. "For trim".

  • @Brandon2k20 I was definately stoned off my ass from it. I think you'll enjoy it, but everyone is different.

  • I got my 1/2 yesterday. It smoked just fine. Perfect for one hitters. Moist enough to roll nicely. Nice cerebral high fairly potent. Worth the price for sure. YMMV.

  • What does the trim consists of. I understand its just the bud trimmings but does it come as whole intact trimmings or is it totally dried into more of a fine grind or powdery. A better photo other then the one provided would help with more of an idea.

  • [img][/img]


    I find it kinda weak, but that might just be me.

  • @Rockafire The blue dream in your pics looks quite a bit different than what I received. I'll snap a pic and post it the next time I break it out.

    The high was pretty good too. Definately slept well that night.

  • Received mine today and it's nice for the price if I do say so myself. Here is a pic of the Blue trim I recieved.

  • Surprised BDT is still available... Would love to see more images from others that got some. The price is tempting as heck! Thanks, guys!

  • Mine is the perfect consistency for joints and edibles. I wouldn’t put it in a bowl as it would pull through.

  • Works perfect in a dugout as well.

  • Got some on the way. How was the high ?

  • Got some yesterday. It doesn’t smell to good and is a little harsh but stoned the shit out of me definitely potent stuff

  • @Stoney02 You ordered on the 4th right ? I still don't have a label

  • So I've had my dugout filled for a while and haven't really had time to hit it because of work so I've been using vape carts mostly.

    Last night I got the dugout out and took a 3-4 hits off it and was super high, I was like what the fk did I smoke??? Then I remembered I played a cruel joke on myself and put some diamonds in and mixed it around so it would be a surprise when I smoked out of the dugout again. Yep it was a surprise alright haha....I was so high I had to go to bed. Thank God I wasn't so bad when I woke up lol.

  • yall making me want to start smoking more concentrates

  • @maryjanelover11 Diamonds are a tokers best friend ;) haha

  • @Jdtokes how much do you recommend I get to last me 2 weeks ?

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    @maryjanelover11 It all depends on how much you smoke or your tolerance, but the 2g I got a while back is probably down by 0.4g now and that was probably a month or month and a half ago. I also mix it in with flower and kief so it will last a really long time for me.

  • @Jdtokes ok thanks for the info i think im going to start with a gram and see where that goes. I was going to put in a big order but im going to wait a few days. Still cant decide what to get

  • @maryjanelover11 I'm sure you'll like them. It's pretty intense right off the bat but then tapers off and you're good for a while.

    I had the same problem earlier. I picked some out but have a delay on coin which is making me impatient lol. Just hoping it comes through so I can order.

  • @Jdtokes hope that works out for you bro

  • @maryjanelover11 Thanks. It went through this morning. Hopefully it was in time.

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