Juicy fruit reviews?

Has anyone tried this batch? Any pictures?


  • I posted a couple things about it. Pretty unremarkable. I rate it "pass."


    Medman said new strains are coming today!

  • Just received some it's okay but I got a freebie joint of G.G.4 some of the best by far just wanted to say thanks you guys are great

  • I tried some of a juicy fruit freebie joint and it was good. Had a decent fruity taste but as others are saying it just wasn't my 🍵

  • I recently re-visited my Juicy Fruit and paid more attention after reading ya'll's comments on here. I had a bowl of it mid-day, and I found it to be a one of those "feels mellow until you try to think or do something" highs. Like, I felt totally cool, then I realized I had been walking in the wrong direction aimlessly for 5 minutes. Like most of the comments here, good but not remarkable. Pretty buds, smells nice, definitely smells fruity!

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