GG or best premium bud

All I hear about I’m really looking forward to it was gg a premium priced bud I know it’s hitting harder than most strains idk just really want some exotic slh is arriving Tuesday 😁


  • Lots of reviewers are loving the indoor loud flowers but MM is due a restock soon.

  • The last round of Grape Ape was amazing. Not "exotic," really, but the expression of that phenotype was like copyright infringement on grape Sweet Tarts. Insane.

  • @georgetirebiter can't wait to try it. I have a quarter of that and a quarter of pink grapefruit ordered

  • They all good bro. In my opinion, most of the time not all the time, the difference between the premium and the indoor is minimal. You pretty much can’t go wrong. You’re in good shape don’t worry about it.

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