Gorilla glue

Really wanna try it


  • You'll get your chance. You just missed it on the menu 3-4 weeks ago. I'm sure it'll return. It is a rare one.

  • edited May 2020

    im feending some blue cheese or blue cheese OG

    Also heard about a mike tyson strain called the toad. i really wish i could try that the reviews on youtube was unbelievable. it has 36% thc the nug was all frost

  • 😳 bro I would love to try it I would buy an oz instantly in your opinion wats the best premium rn or in general that you’ve experienced and also medicanman freed up 3 slots so I’m hoping something exotic and potent hits the menu I’ve only bought an oz it’s arriving Tuesday but I already know it’s gone leave fast I smoke a shit Ton of bud bro and I’m also adhd my adderrall doesn’t make it any better 70mg loving this site btw I’m always on here and checking out strains and reviews

  • GG4 is fire

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