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Before. Anyone no of a place to buy seeds inside USA. I have ordered from attitude before and rec'd what I ordered took about 4 weeks . Looking for somewhere in side the 50 states tho . For a small garden grow just to pass the time



  • Gardening will take alot of stress away even growing vegatables I have found to be very rewarding thanks for any replay's. Tac.

  • Love the question. I have an order in with Attitude but...would love to have a domestic vendor.

    I've sprouted a few CBD and CBG plants over the last two weeks. The CBD plant is a purple strain called Abacus. It has awesome purple petioles. Am hoping to get one or two high-THC strains going, too.

    Four weeks is a lot of wasted sunlight...

  • I have ordered from seedsman a few times with great success.

  • I was able to track mine it's been about a yr ago . quililty of seeds are very good and a very large selection

  • Good luck never now what you may have till it starts showing her self .

  • Thanks

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    @nefgreen, are they domestic? The prices are in British pounds.

    I've heard good things about Greenpoint Seeds. Placed a test order. They don't have the strains you are looking for; however, there are some killer new hybrids for release in mid June. Purple Cake, are you kidding me? That's on order. (Purple Punch X Wedding Cake)

    There's also Neptune Seed Bank but the prices are expensive.

  • Oh my bad I ddont know if they are truly domestic but I do remember last time I ordered my package came really quick and I think it shipped from oklahoma which I thought was strange at the time. I have ordered acapulco, maui waui, and a few of their house strains which are essentially the same as big name genetics just without the price. They included some freebies too

  • @nefgreen, they do have a most excellent selection!

  • I've been thinking about doing a small grow of my own, for personal use, via a grow tent in a closet or something. Have you guys had any success doing something similar?

    Also, regardless of the type of grow, how do you think bud you've grown yourself compares to what you've purchased here?

  • I wad a closet ninja at one time. Max of 3 plants. Its easy and results will be inline with the effort you put in. Light schedules during grow and flower cycle as well as curing are the 2 most important things to be exact with. Depending on the time you put in nutrients etc. You can easily get premium quality if using good genetics. Fudge around and it will be outdoor quality at worse case if you are doing it right. Research strains. Some love a closet some are much harder to grow indoors. Look for yield amounts but also quality of genetics etc. Oh and airflow airflow airflow.

  • Most of my grows have been outdoors but I have had ok success with makeshift tents/cabinets. Ventilation and heat seems to be the big factor so have a good plan for that. I love growing outdoors but it is hard here. Humidity and deer and legality are big issues. Im not sure how much those grow tents cost but you could possibly create the same thing cheaper by using 2x4s and insulation board if you like getting creative.

  • My first time growing outdoors was was unknown seed but it turned out to be a tall sativa that had a citrusy taste and aroma. I grew it in a bucket and when it got too big for that I threw it in the ground and gave it creek water the whole time; it was pretty much a gorilla grow. Also grew some Great white shark indoors and maui waui indoors that turned out great but the other grows were just OK.

  • I’ve ordered at least ten different strains from seedsman they use discreet packaging and delivery is fast and they also offer strains from different breeders

  • Speaking of guerrila grows...anyone have experience with growing cannabis "in plain sight" (but hidden)?

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    In plain sight but hidden....... Autoflowers.... They only get 3ft or so. Not as much yield but i have grown 1 in with tomatoes and also along a woodline. They blend pretty well. Or a duckfoot plant. Those are cool and look like kanaff. Fused leaves you wouldnt know with a glance

  • @SpongePail. Thank you! I was thinking about that. Also allows for more grows in the season, right? I'm assuming my other plants won't flower until late in the summer.

  • Yes your outdoor wont begin to flower until less than 12 hours of daily light. The autoflowers have rudderalis genetics and flower independent of light. More light equals more flower with them. Think 90 to 120 days for autos. All season for outdoor. Stagger autos a week apart in planting to have an ongoing harvest.

  • @Tac ilovegrowingmarijuana com , legit af ^_^

  • ive been watching harvest videos on youtube. I think its so cool that people know how to grow such beautiful plants. Its definitely not easy. I want to learn how. To me Bud is a Godly substance, to be able to grow top shelf bud is key

  • botany is actually difficult im sure id grow the worst shwag on earth with my current knowledge lol

  • I've been checking out spacebuckets(.) Com for ideas. Haven't pulled the trigger on anything yet. We need a new place outside of town.

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    @maryjanelover11, it depends on your scale and what you want to accomplish. If your goals are modest, then it's simply a matter of finding a seed and planting it and giving it access to light and protecting it. The "difficulties" emerge only with constraints from law enforcement. It grows like a weed and even you can grow weeds!

  • Superior Seeds on the www. Comes from UK but small amounts are very well concealed and they e-mail you how to find it in the package you get.

  • They take bitcoin

  • I've ordered seeds from overseas before... and generally got sh*t... like less than 50% germination. I tend to believe that international packages are subjected to irradiation to kill lots of different things.

    Seeds can be legally shipped from anywhere as long as labelled 'fish food'... I wish some enterprisesing American would step up... it's a good market from what I can see.

    Just a warning... overseas seeds don't travel well and getting a refund is near impossible.

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    Greenpoint Seeds order, placed over Memorial Day Weekend, arrived today. Their strains look pretty hip and I suspect we'll get to know some of these new strains for the first time this fall (someone correct me on how this works...looks like Greenpoint does its own breeding). I ordered Bodega Bubblegum and Tomahawk, available now, and I also put a couple down for pre-order. Those won't be available until mid-June. (I can't recall which...most of the interesting strains are only for pre-order.)

    Details: 10 seeds per pack...their prices range from $58 to...hundreds. No autos or feminized. Buy American!!! Also the British guy from the company that got me banned from Coinmama was kind of a wanker.

    I wonder if Humboldt Seeds ships to plebes like me?

  • @georgetirebiter One can only dream right? I would pay quite a fair price for some Humboldt seeds, cannot lie about that. Would love to grow some Vanilla Frosting.

  • @wikkkkietman has it nailed: I love growing marijuana. Same shipping/customer service excellence as this very site.

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