The coffee. Anyone had experence?

I'm thinking about trying the coffee. One of my good friends loves coffee and wants to try thc coffee but ive havent tried it myself so anyone have any input on it and if so how much to make at one time?


  • I have been wanting to try these for a long time, but have been unable to pull the trigger. The only edible I’ve ever had was a freebie from medmama and was a 75mg gummy. I did not feel any effects from these gummies, but then again am I a slightly heavy smoker. If you do happen to purchase these, please let me know how they made you feel, I’m just worried that I’ll spend $70 on 6 cups of coffee that wont even get me high. Like I said I haven’t tried them myself, but I would say start by brewing 1 cup, drink it, and in 2-3 hours if you don’t feel as mediciated as you want to be, go for a second one, that’s what I would do.

  • Also, I have heard that Caffeine and THC combined can be used to create a stronger high, I’m sure it would be a great combo with a sativa strain.

  • Def will let you know @liarliar03 . If Medmad has any input please let us know cause we wanna try some editables but are fairly new to the editable world so dont know how good anything is or the proper dosages to feel effects.

  • @liarliar03 I did order the Full Gram Vape - Cannalope Haze last week and will post a review of it as well when I receive and try it

  • I saw it and I’ve been curious about it!

  • @medicineman . Have you tried it or can give us any further input on the coffee as the interest has grown about it?

  • I have used it a few times ( Bought it twice ) nice full body high. Two cups and I want to go to sleep. I am a heavy user , and I enjoy them

  • @steven6211 thanks for your input. Like another user said, I was just worried about trying it cause many of us really have never had it. I kinda like more of a slight social up high rather then stains that bring on tiredness but I think I still might try cause i do like a full body high rather then a strong head high if that makes sense l0l.

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