I’m very disappointed new customer and this weed is terrible no taste actually taste bad and it’s dry hardly no smell love this site but I wish I would’ve got something else this is a bummer I waited a week for this 😩


  • I bought an whole oz of it sigh

  • Great site tho even got a free gummy but I am not a fan of this super lemon haze

  • Nvm it’s an amazing high fuck the taste

  • I’m stoned rn I’m going indica

  • Yeah I got a great energetic high from that stuff...made yard work that much more enjoyable lol. Sucks about the taste...I feel like mine got a tiny bit better after being opened and sitting in a jar with a boveda packet but I could be wrong.

  • @nefgreen What bóveda pack do you use? I have been looking into getting some.

  • I have heard 62% is for cannabis and thats what I am currently using but if they make a 60 thats what I think would be perfect IMO

  • @PieMan I use 62%. I thought about trying the 58% but went with 62% since I had some really dry stuff I needed to revitalize.

    The 62% has really helped out to revitalize dry buds as well as enhance fresh buds.

    They say the 58% is for grinding and using for joints (just read that somewhere, I think on the boveda site).

    I feel like the 62% is just right and glad I went qith that % over the 58%. @nefgreen I would agree and probably go 60% if they offered it.

  • I ordered some donkey butter and skywalker og and also some wedding cake and vanilla frosting

  • edited May 2020

    @Shamisha55 Good choices! I may need to spring for some donkey butter and skywalker og. Heard of skywalker before but never heard of donkey butter, the name sounds funny af though lol. I enjoyed both wedding cake and vanilla frosting. Vanilla frosting had me super high. Wedding cake, I don't remember much from smoking that one but I remember it was good. We were smoking on a few different strains that day.

  • @Jdtokes the reviews for the donkey butter is interesting sounds potent and it’s a hybrid supposed to be some top shelf smoke

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