Has anyone tried the Lodi Dodi

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Just wondering how the Lodi dodi is never tried it I like strong sativa's . I have thought about ordering the strain several times and didn't . Am sure there's a review on site somewhere can't find it tho. Also how's the smell


  • Lodi Dodi is great! Ordered some a few months back..still have a massive bud of it left..very clean floral..similar to Blue Dream, but not as hazey..I’d order it again..great sativa for sure

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    Fantastic! Cannot wait to order some more, among my all time favorites from the website. Very honest opinion, it’s not a HARD Sativa like Green crack, or Jack Herer. However, still an amazing mood booster, very euphoric high.

  • Thanks for the info @superman38NC & @PieMan . Don't know way I haven't tried it I Gus's am old fashioned and don't no much about the newer strains . Am used to the older ones such as sour D. Gc and chemdawg . Need to explore some more thanks

  • Had it in the last go around. Like the mild taste. Not harsh at all. Nice daytime treat.

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