Anybody receive their Space Queen yet?

I know it's only been 3-4 days but just curious. Super excited because I heard crazy stuff about the strain and it sold out in a single day I'm pretty sure.


  • Waiting on mine as well. Ordered on the 24th, so it shouldn't be long I hope!

  • Tomorrow!

  • Came in the mail today!

  • The Space Queen looks fantastic. Premium, all the way. (Not sure whether it was advertised as such...same thing with the Blackberry Kush--outstandingly beautiful.)

    Juicy Fruit weighed in at 7.6 grams for the quarter. Sour Grapefruit came in at 3.68 grams for the eighth, all one bud. Gorgeous. Frankly that one also looks Premium to me.

    I'll start with the Juicy Fruit because it's the least attractive (not unattractive, just looks more like a typical indoor or greenhouse-grown) and it's still on the menu!

  • Ordered donkey butter 1 oz skywalker og 1oz an a half of premium vanilla frosting mixed wedding cake I will let u guys know about the donkey butter it’s seems un real and the pics look amazing on Leafly

  • hey I Wanted that grapefruit kush @georgetirebiter let me know how u like it?? did your order arrive normally ?? only reason I didn’t buy an oz was because everyone is saying loudnco shipping was bad lately I am a new customer

  • I cant get over that name... Donkey butter lol. Please tell us about the vanilla when you get it that one keeps catching my eye and I had never heard of it before.

  • Got a half of the space queen and a half of the blueberry kush ID says it will be here Saturday can’t wait to try them

  • @Shamisha55, Loud is running a day or two slower than MedMama, at least for me, this week...

  • Ordered from loud and expected delivery was Saturday but came today 2 days early! Got Lodi Dodi and BlackBerry kush and still have an oz if space queen on the way

  • Gonna be a fun weekend! Im hoping mine comes tomorrow and this weather doesnt delay anything.

  • @Stoney11 Wow 2 days early is legit. I'm really praying mine comes in at least one day early. I made the order on the 22nd, shipping label made the 25th. ID says expected delivery is for saturday but im hoping it comes tomorrow.

  • Got grape ape and pink grapefruit kush coming in, will post review with HD pictures.

  • This herb grabs my brain's sativa neurotransmitters and shakes 'em up nice. Looks like Mammoth Skunk, a Loud perennial favorite. I like this one better because it's new!

  • Ugh I hope my Space Queen comes soon. The reviews are starting to come in and it's making me even more anxious lol.

  • Space queen high is crazy. Nice nugs that smell kinda cheesy

  • I have received none of the latest strains. Order at all the first or sOrdered all the first or second day they were up 😢

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