First order: Blueberry muffin, Capstone Sample

I made a fairly small first order with a 1/4 of bluberry muffin and a g sample of Capstone.

First let me say, the shipping was wonderful. I live on the East Coast. I ordered the 20th in the afternoon and my order was here by the 26th even with the weekend + the holiday.

Blueberry muffin has some of the prettiest buds I've ever seen in my life and smells just like blueberry muffins. Def feels heavier on the Indica side, but not with complete couch lock. Perfect for my anxiety. I'm upset now that I didn't grab more! Wonderful strain.

The Capstone sample was also incredible. Very strong head high.

Received some freebies, all edibles. Not as strong as I would have imagined, but not too bad.

After seeing this forum and realizing how real this is, I made another order before I received my first one. Waiting on some space queen and mango haze distillate refill.

Will def be a repeat customer. Thank you!


  • Welcome to the club! Medicine Man, Medboy, MedMama.... they are all awesome! I live in an illegal Bible Belt state and they saved my life. THC and CBD are nature’s medicine. No more pills! Glad you found them and are able to enjoy their services

  • @Kris10 Thank you so much! Our state has approved medical, and I fit the qualifications if a patient, but it's taking years to get things moving. I've suffered from anxiety/depression for years, and good ol Mary Jane is the only thing that keeps me from taking my prescribed medication (that is extremely addictive). My Dr. is even supportive of it. Finding someone that has my REAL medicine is inconsistent at times, and I don't get nearly the variety to fit my specific needs. This has been a blessing.

  • @OneLove These people are great and so is this site. It gets us all our medicine, its awesome. This site is legit you never have to worry.

  • @maryjanelover11 I'm def seeing that now. I feel like it's Christmas in May now that I've found it 🤣

  • @OneLove, My state is fully up and running; however, the legal cannabis they sell here is produced largely by morons and hapless sycophants. And it's more expensive, too.

    Welcome to MedicineManLand, where all the children are above average!

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