Always have faith

While this has for sure been a discussed topic before, as I’ve seen, I’m going to post anyways to make sure they receive the recognition necessary for assisting me. I will not go too deep into detail, however from a recent order I had a single item, that did not seem particularly right. Of course this is common with Cannabis products as they’re unpredictable sometimes. Sure enough MedBoy & MedMama made sure to have this all cleared up in a timely manner. Always remember, be patient, and have faith in them. They always come through.


  • Definitely!

    My most recent order never made it. Ordered 5/7.
    Used the form, Replacement on the way.

    Its a bummer to have this happen. I feel bad for medman too, but they definitely stick to their word! They always deliver. ❤️❤️

    I hope my lost package somehow finds a way to help someone. 😢 maybe in like 6 months it will appear in my mailbox! 🤩 Probably not. 😫

  • Lost first class mail could resolve in like 30 days, and I received an international postcard made of wood several months after the fact recently. It was shattered but it made it.

  • 5/7 Replacement showed up. Only took 4 days! Same strain that I originally ordered! Yipee!!

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