Watermelon dream vape carts X2 1g carts review. A to A+

Got them yesterday. Took about 9-10 days. So came in the same secure way they have always packaged their products. Not only vac sealed but was smart to wrap them first in a simple paper towel sheet which works as a perfect moisture absorber for to preserve the product from any humidity even though vac packed. Well I tired first with 4.2v and less then 0.12seconds was to hot to inhale. Set down to 3.8v and got the perfect 0.45sec hit. Within about 10 seconds I def felt a head high and relaxing muscle body high. Was not really tiring at all more of an stimulating high that would be good for very social friends get together/ party where you can all have great and funny conversations. I would say it wouldn't be for a couch sitter as its kind of energizing. Taste was very melony with a very tiny hint of terpenes but not any terpenes that are loud to anyone around you so perfect for public settings. A very tiny hint of anxiety the first min or so after but that can very widely per user but nothing that even the most paranoid person would feel worried about. Chemical/oil quality was very clear with the usual slight yellow tint which show how well the oil was distilled and filtered. One of the purest oils i've had. I had positive reviews from close friends i've let try and they averaged the same results. So Id rate this one A to A+. Start small first cause depending on you heat/voltage setting, it doesn't take a lot to feel good. Last about an hour with about 1-2 puffs then the high declines a little fast but it all depends on many factors. This was just my and my close friends experience tring Watermelon Dream vape for the first time.


  • Sounds good I might have to grab some of that. I usually get the syringes and refill my own cartridges and tanks. The syringes are high quality. Possibly the same that are in many of the carts

  • @Kris10 read my most recent post in "Questions" before you get any full vape carts. Lets see the resoultion MM has first. My first one was just a breeze to vape buy issues with the second. read the post.

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